How long have you been writing?


I’ve been writing my entire life. Well, okay, maybe once I actually learned how to read and write. My first experience at writing came when I was about 8 years old. I used to make picture books of aliens attacking in flying saucers and jet fighters saving the world. I remember a friend recommended The Hobbit and my world changed. I was in eighth grade at the time and it was the first time I really connected with a book. I wanted to create another world. The task seemed daunting to me, but I have always felt the urge to write.


Where the hell do you come up with those crazy ideas?


I never really thought of them as crazy. I really don’t know where my ideas for books come from. Some of them come from dreams and others just come while watching a movie, reading a book, or maybe even eating chocolate. I started keeping a journal of my ideas. Some are good, some are great, and some will never see the light of day. I mix some of the ideas together and have come up with some crazy ideas, but isn’t that what makes a great story? I am constantly coming up with new ideas, which makes it hard to write all my stories.


Do you like chocolate?


I have a storage locker of chocolate hidden in a safe in case a nuclear bomb hits. I crave chocolate. I like a variety of chocolate made from all parts of the world. I love a great Swiss or German chocolate, but there are some really good brands made right here in the USA. I usually write with a bar of chocolate handy, I think it helps the writing process.


What’s the best way of contacting you?


Unless you’re one of my best friends or a literary agent, email is probably the best way of contacting me. My friends make fun of me because I don’t always carry my phone with me. I think it looks bulky in my pants. Check out the tab for CONTACT on my site.


Cubs or Sox?


Cubs. I believe being a Cub fan takes a lot of courage because they lose all the time, but we have fun. I live in the northwest suburbs and have been a die-hard Cub fan from birth. In my younger days I grew up next door to a family of Sox fans. I think they were confused. I married a Sox fan, though she is wonderful and tells me lies of loving the Cubs too—I know the truth. It’s hard, but I was able to transform my oldest to a Cubs fan. I’m working on my other two.


Come on; are you really a Cub fan?


Yes, I really am! Some friends and family members doubt this sometimes because I actually go to some of the Sox games. They have a nice stadium, good food, and I sit in great seats, but I still feel nauseous after leaving. I close my eyes and dream I’m really in Wrigley Field.


Is it true you were an Olympic skier?


Well, no. I admit, I never skied in the Olympics, but I was invited to try out a long time ago. I was good. I was the fastest kid in town and when I started skiing, I could beat the pants off of anyone. Well, everyone except for the Mahre brothers and thus I never tried out. I ski in Jackson Hole, which has some wicked runs—some of the hardest in the world. Anyone who skis there has to be really good or half crazy. I’m a little of both. I crossed the half-century threshold so my aggressive behavior on the slopes has slowed down quite dramatically—its weird what happens to bone and muscle at that age. Yes, I was up in The Crags recently cursing, but you would too.


When can I read your next book?


I get asked this question nearly every day. Sometimes I try to avoid it because I don’t have an answer yet. Hey, books take time! There’s a process—like finding an agent and publisher. Currently I am querying my latest novel, The Bartello. It’s a great book, but these things do take time.

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